What we do is pretty simple to state. ABCPA provides accounting and advisory services for several key industry segments including real estate, municipal and non-profit organizations, as well as small to mid-sized corporations and high net-worth individuals.

It takes hard work and constant learning. We are always striving to grow and provide top quality services to our clients.

Our strongest tool is the relationship we build with our clients. Gone are the days of being a typical accountant, our mission is to strive to be your most trusted advisor.

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Our Services


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Advisory Services

Advisory services include building a customized plan for our clients based on their business goals and current business position. A customized plan could include but is not limited to;


  • Implementing accounting best practices

  • Preparing quarterly financial reports and reviewing with management

  • Implementing a budgeting and forecasting process

  • Developing procedures for screening and training new hires


Financial Reporting 

ABCPA offers audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements for industries ranging from; real estate entities (including cooperative corporations and condominiums), for profit corporations, not for profit corporations and municipal organizations. ABCPA is a peer review compliant firm.



Tax Planning and Return Preparation


We develop a tax strategy on a client-by-client basis. We continuously consult with our clients throughout the year to update their tax strategy. A tax strategy includes but is not limited to;

  • Prepare annual filings for corporations, LLCs and individuals

  • Determining and budgeting estimated taxes based on changing revenue projections

  • Determining tax benefits of the different corporate and partnership entitles

  • Analyzing the benefits of different pension plans and employee benefits plans



Estate and Fiduciary Planning


We educate our clients on the tax and administrative complications inherent in estate taxation. We can also prepare fiduciary, gift and estate tax returns when required. We also assist our clients in understanding.

  • What is a taxable estate, how is it determined and valued?

  • What is a fiduciary income tax return and what income is taxed through an estate or trust?

  • Recommend setting up trusts to protect assets and possibly reduce the size of a taxable estate

  • What is a gift tax and how does it interact with the estate tax

  • When is a gift tax return required and what is the basis of the assets gifted




Industries We Serve

There are unique aspects to your industry and your business that impact your operation, your financial plans and your accounting tactics. For more than 20 years, our firm has worked with companies in a variety of industries, becoming familiar with the nuances that make operating in them both challenging and rewarding.

  • Municipalities

  • Residential Housing Management

  • Restaurant/Food Service

  • Construction

  • Design Services

  • Personal Service Corporations

  • Non-profits


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