Our Services

We offer a variety of services to fit your needs.

Certified Audited Financial Statements and other Financial Statement Preparation Services

Anthony Buzzeo, CPA, PLLC prepares audited financial statements and corporate tax returns for over 150 cooperatives and condominiums in new York city.

We develop a rapport with our clients, which assists them in the interpretation of financial statements and preparation of future budgets. Prompt financial statement preparation assists needs in refinancing and re-sales.

Anthony Buzzeo, CPA, PLLC also prepares financial statements for many partnerships and corporations, a majority of which are required by lenders and other third parties.  These services are also available for individuals.

Tax Planning Consulting and Return Preparation

If you are staring a business, Anthony Buzzeo, CPA, PLLC can advise or assist in such issues as:

Anthony Buzzeo, CPA, PLLC can also advise on other reporting needs, 1099s, sales taxes, software setup, third party reviews, banks, other lenders and the effects on owners and investors personal tax returns.

Some of the industries we serve include:

These services are also available for individuals.

Estate and Fiduciary Services

Two things are certain: death and taxes!  To make it worse, your estate will be subject to income taxes until your assets are distributed.

Income received by an estate reaches the highest tax bracket much quicker than individuals. Therefore, it’s important to plan on decreasing the amount of time it takes for your estate to be settled. Simple measures such as having a will, certain forms of joint ownership of income producing assets, and making sure your retirement accounts are left to beneficiaries and not to your estate, can help to significantly reduce the estate income tax.

More complex measures would depend the total dollar value of your estate, your estate can also be subject to the estate tax.

At Anthony M. Buzzeo, CPA, PLLC, we prepare estate tax returns and fiduciary (estate income tax) returns as well as surrogate court accounting.  We like to assist the executors and attorneys in all the necessary filings and in planning the distribution of assets.

We also can assist individuals in their estate planning to achieve optimum results in taxation.

Our Firm Provides Audited Financial Statement Services for Exempt Organizations as well as Tax Return Services

Although the threshold for filing exempt organization returns has relaxed, the amount of information required for those organizations required to file has become quite complex. Anthony M. Buzzeo, CPA, PLLC can assist in guiding you through the reporting requirements.

The financial reporting for exempt organizations can be quite complex when multiple programs are offered or when grantors direct their donations to specific expenses. We are able to advise on financial statement presentation, expense allocation and accounting necessary for proper financial reporting

We also provide services for initiating a not-for-profit and/or restoring a former not-for-profit’s tax exempt status.